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Bob is a native of New England with a BS from the University of New Hampshire in 1970 and an MBA from Northeastern University in Boston in 1977, concentrating in finance, accounting, operations management and marketing. “I spent the majority of my 30 year professional career as a corporate VP and CFO responsible for finance, human relations, administration, information technology and operations, primarily with high tech companies in Colorado and California.”  Eighteen of those years were with high tech venture backed start-ups.  In the start-up world, one learns quickly that being an executive often means carrying out ones own instruction, or, as I thought of it, “Srategic planning one minute and taking out the trash the next.”

Married in 1968, Bob became a father in 1973, a son, Patrick and again in 1975, a daughter, Coleen.  “My son and daughter have always been a major part of my life; they have achieved in ways I never dreamed of and been a constant source of pride and inspiration.”  My daughter graduated from Harvard Medical School and School of Public Health with dual degrees and is finishing a 5 year residency at Harvard in Orthopedic Surgery this year ('09).  My son graduated from Pepperdine Law School, where he met his wife, and has specialized in entertainment law.  After working at Capital Records and Warner Music, he now works for an LA law firm with a large entertainment practice.

Bob met his wife, Tamara (TC), in Boulder, Colorado in 1987 and they married in 1992.  Tamara and Bob remained in Boulder until 1995, when an exciting opportunity took them to San Jose, California.  Hard work, an IPO, punctuated by some great weekends in Napa and Sonoma valleys, occasional trips to see the ‘kids’ in Southern Cal and vacations in Hawaii made up the next five years.  “It was those vacations in Hawaii that were a significant influence on our decision to spend part of our lives on Maui.  Always loving the sea, above and below, Maui was where we called home for eight years, rarely leaving the Island.”

Personal Interests

Living on Maui reawakened personal interests. “In our mainland lives, my wife and I were intense about doing our jobs, which left little time for personal interests. But, Maui beckons one to experience its simple pleasures and natural beauty. And so, we enjoyed morning walks along Keawakapu Beach, followed, on weekends, by breakfast at Five Palms; we looked forward to the weekly pilgrimage to Costco; diving Maui’s fascinating coastline, with its coral reefs, caves, lava tubes, sunken relics from WW II, a tremendous variety of fascinating tropical fish and the thrill of being approached by Manta Rays, Reef Sharks, Sea Turtles and, on those very rare occasions, a Humpback Whale.” Other interests include exercise, swimming, photography (above and under the water); and, oh yes, working on the computer. “One of my happiest days on Maui was the day I learned I could employ all my computer skills while working at real estate and earning money, all in the middle of the Pacific!”

Now, we have found a new Paradise, Yamhill County Oregon.  Since moving back to the Mainland and settling in our home, we have thoroughly enjoyed our experiences in Oregon.  "Tamara and I believe this is a terrific region to relocate to.  Of anywhere in the US, we chose Yamhill County for the climate, ambiance, it's friendly people and overall beauty.  Crazy as it sounds, we love the change in seasons, especially when summer changes to fall, then to winter.  We missed the cold air while on Maui...weird, right? It's the truth.  It is a great place to live for a while, but we are happy to be back on the Mainland with 4 seasons and lots of turf to roam.

Other long held interests include physical conditioning, swimming, photography, running, biking, blogging, developing internet relationships aligned with my interests through the use of blogs, twitter, facebook, youtube as well as the more traditional email.

Past Real Estate Experience:

Living on Maui was a dream my wife and I shared since our first visit to that mystical island ten years earlier. Being a perennial type A, retirement for me meant enjoying the many splendid natural wonders which Maui offers while pursuing a career focusing my energies and experience in an industry where my past background would be an advantage. My career on the mainland required that we relocate numerous times, which meant my wife and I were clients of realtors on a number of occasions. Some of those experiences were great and some were not. Remembering those experiences, the desire to devote my energies toward a career in real estate rapidly developed into a passion to be an exceptional realtor.