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Bob's Photographic Journal

Picture of hot air balloons lifting off

This Photo Journal is about sharing photos I have been lucky enough to capture in various genres or categories.  Photography has been my creative (artistically) outlet throughout my lifetime.  Not that I traveled to all corners of the earth, I just photographed any subject which happened to be kids, wife, friends, flowers, scenic views and, with the opportunity to live on Maui, the environment and critters underwater.  The most daugnting task I have is digitizing hundreds of 35mm slides, to be culled from thousands that sit in binders and boxes from years of 35mm photography before my transition to digital .  I hope you enjoy the images within and, please, email me with any comments or questions you have.

This photographic journal contains slideshows of some of the genres that interest me the most since switching to digital about six years ago. Picture of North Shore and Kahului Harbor.   The 'Diving Adventures' section includes underwater photographs captured over the past eight years diving Maui's subtropical waters.  Water temperatures range between 75 and 80 degrees, with reasonably clear visibility (the farther out from shore the better the visibility - 100' to 200'), and are home to a large number of marine animals, many of which are indigenous to the Hawaiian Islands.

The Maui section is a collection of shots taken during the eight years we lived on Maui (2000-2008).  As we all experience, now I regret not dedicating more time to capturing more of the scenic beauty that makes Maui the special place that it is.

Picture of a green sea turtle of the coast of Maui.

While on Maui, I became a real estate broker and soon found out I had a talent for photographing homes, condo units and complexes, particularly those whose architectural design and "custom luxury" features gave them a distinct appealing uniqueness.  I even photographed high end properties for other realtors just for the enjoyment of capturing and highlighting all it's features and of retaining the rights to the photos.

Picture of flower.

Finally, after moving to Oregon in January of 2008, we realized in April that we had hundreds of wild flower species surrounding us.  That led to another niche in photography I enjoy, capturing vibrant images of flowers.  I am fascinated by the intensity of colors and effects of light, angles and distance on the appeal the image of the wild flower invokes. Spring is upon us again (2009) and the first of the wildflowers are coming out.  Crocuses and Daffodils are popping up and the nighttime temperatures are still below freezing.  Did I say I love the Northwest?!  This year I'm determined to identify every species I photograph.

I will be blogging about photography and specific photographs and photographic issues, discoveries and techniques for photographic editing.  For me, bring the image to life provides as much enjoyment as taking the pictures.